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Palestine from the viewpoint of Imam Khomeini [Electronic resources] - نسخه متنی

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Jews in Iran

On occasion, the Shah and his regime say they will bring in experts from
Israel; we know what to do with these experts if they do bring them in. If even one
Israeli . . . I'm not talking about the Jews here, no one has the right to lay a finger on
the Jews in Iran, they are under the aegis of Islam and the Muslims; no one has the right
to attack the Jews or the Christians who adhere to a religion revealed by one of God's
prophets. Recently the government attacked the Baha'is, this was spurred by devilish
motives and the Muslims should pay no heed to this devilry of theirs. Their aim is to make
other groups rise up against the Muslims. Pay no attention to these things, oppose
anything with which the governmental organisations become in any way involved, because
they harbour ill intent towards you. If the Israelis come to Iran in order to extract the
oil, it will be the duty of all Muslims to throw them out or kill them all. They are at
war with Islam, they are at war with the Muslims, they are in a state of war and if we are
able, we will cut them all down. If they set foot in Iran, if even one Israeli sets foot
in Iran, it will be the duty of the people to destroy them. The Israelis will come! The
hell they will!

Imam's message dated 16 December 1978 (25 Azar 1357 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 4, p. 79.

Jews are distinct from Zionists

Any kind of relationship with Israel will be severed, however, the Jews
will be free to remain in Iran and live in an environment which will be freer than at the
time of the Shah's rule, for Islam respects all religions.

Imam's interview with foreign journalists, 14 January 1979 (24 Dey 1357 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 4, p. 219.

Question: Amongst your demands is the annihilation of the state of
Israel; if this leads to Israel's destruction and victory for the Palestinians, what will
be the fate of the Jews?

Answer: The issue of the Jews is quite separate from that of the Zionists.
If the Muslims are victorious over the Zionists, the latter will meet the same fate as the
deposed Shah, however, the Muslims will do nothing to the Jews, for they are a nation like
other nations, they will carry on with their lives and they will not suffer dispossession.

Imam's interview with the West German Radio-Television network, 8 November 1979 (17 Aban 1358 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 10, p. 170.

The Zionists are not people of religion

The religious minorities who lived amongst the Muslims from the beginning
of Islam, from after the victory of Islam - not those polytheists who were conspirators or
those people who hatched plots and wanted to create turmoil, but those who were of the
religious minorities - were all treated with the upmost respect by Islam. According to a
story, one of the stories that is probably about Muawiya's army, an anklet was stolen
from the foot of a Jewish woman; when he heard, Hazrat Amir said: I have heard that
they came and stole an anklet from a dhimmi woman, if a person were to die in
circumstances such as mine, no one would reproach him. This is how concerned he was that
the welfare of all segments of the population should be protected.

We consider the Jewish community to be completely separate from the issue
of Zionism and the Zionists; the latter are in no way among the people of religion. The
teachings of Hazrat Moses, upon whom be peace, were divine teachings, and Hazrat
Moses has been mentioned in the Qur'an more times than any other prophet. The life of Hazrat
Moses has been related in the Qur'an and it provides valuable lessons and shows us how he
acted towards Pharaoh. He was a shepherd with a world of power and resolve who rose up
against the great might of Pharaoh, destroying him.

Belief in divine power and turning his attention to the affairs of the
weak and oppressed as opposed to the arrogant and powerful, the first of whom was Pharaoh,
and rising up against the latter was the way of Hazrat Moses, upon whom be peace,
something which is in complete contrast to the plan of this group and these Zionists. They
have joined with the arrogant and powerful and act as their spies, their servants; they
act against the weak and oppressed and contrary to the teachings of Hazrat Moses,
who himself was from the ordinary people, just as all the other prophets were, who took as
his supporters individuals from amongst the ordinary people of the bazaars and alleyways
etc., and rose up against Pharaoh and the power of Pharaoh.

The weak attacked the arrogant to strip them of their pride and bring them
down a peg or two; this is contrary to the way of these Zionists who strike up relations
with the arrogant ones and act against the weak. Perhaps those few misled Jews who have
come together there from different parts of the world now regret what they have done.
Perhaps those Jews who do not want anything other than the lofty teachings of Moses now
regret going there, for once they see at first hand what the plan is of this group who
call themselves Jews yet who act against the teachings of Hazrat Moses, who kill
people for no reason and align themselves with America and others, they will not be able
to put up with this. We know that the Jewish community is quite different from the Zionist
community; we oppose the latter, our opposition arising from the fact that they oppose all
the religions, they are not Jews, they are political people who, calling themselves Jews,
perpetrate certain acts. The Jews despise them, as all people should.

Imam Khomeini's speech at a gathering of the Jewish Society of Iran, 14 May 1979 (24 Urdibihisht 1358 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 6, p. 164.

The Jews do not accept the Zionists

Today, you can see what the Zionists, who claim to be Jews - although the
Jews themselves do not accept them - and who, unfortunately, claim to be followers of Hazrat
Moses, are doing to the people in the world.

Imam's speech at a gathering of representatives of the religious minorities in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, 18 November 1982 (27 Aban 1361 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 17, p. 78.

The false claims of being followers of Hazrat Moses

There is one point I should make and that is out of these well-known
religions which are today universally recognised by mankind, those being the religions of Hazrat
Moses, Jesus and Islam, when we examine the life of the prophet Hazrat Moses, upon
whom be peace, how he lived, the nature of his message and the struggle he embarked upon
with the taghut, and compare this with how his people, how those who say we are the
people of Hazrat Moses, we are the followers of Hazrat Moses, act, we see
there is no comparison. Moses opposed the taghut, and these people who say they are
the followers of Hazrat Moses are themselves taghuts, yet they claim to be
his followers. Israeli radio broadcasts many of Hazrat Moses' teachings, but what
is Israel like? What is the situation there? How do those who claim descent from Hazrat
Moses live? Hazrat Moses was a shepherd with a staff. History has related what his
life as a shepherd was like, how he then rose up and went after the greatest power which
existed at that time and opposed it, not considering this world for a moment. Compare this
with how these people, who consider themselves to be the descendants of Hazrat
Moses, cling to this world. Great amounts of America's wealth lie in their hands, they
have the financial power in America yet still they say they believe in the religion of Moses.

Imam's remarks dated 21 January 1984 (1 Bahman 1362 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 18, p. 192.

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