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Palestine from the viewpoint of Imam Khomeini [Electronic resources] - نسخه متنی

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The occupation of Israel is not an end to the affair

Everyone must know that the goal of the great powers in
creating Israel does not end with the occupation of Palestine. They are planning to make
all the Arab countries share in Palestines fate, God forbid. Today, we are spectators
of the Palestinian combatants struggle in their holy war (jihad) to place the
destiny of Palestine into the hands of the Palestinians; we are onlookers as these freedom
fighters take their lives in their hands and bravely rise up in holy war against
occupation and aggression and to free Palestine and the occupied lands; we are spectators
of that which the hands of the imperialist appointees did to these freedom fighters
yesterday in Jordan and what they are doing to them today in Lebanon; we are spectators of
the propaganda that is instigated by the imperialist appointees and the machinations that
are carried out by them, in various ways, all with the aim of distancing the Muslim groups
from the Palestinian combatants and of throwing the battle out of the strategic areas -
for it would have given them a prime opportunity to deal a serious blow to the forces of
Israel and Zionism, this usurping enemy.

Under such circumstances, do the Muslims and the heads of the Islamic
states not have a duty and a responsibility before God? Morally and rationally are they
not obliged to help? Is it right that the Palestinian freedom fighters be massacred by
imperialist appointees in areas under imperialist sway while others remain silent in the
face of this crime and even collaborate and conspire together to throw this
freedom-bestowing jihad out of its most suitable and strategic zone? Do not the
Arab governments and the Muslim residents of this region know that with the annihilation
of this jihad, the other Arab countries will not be safe and secure from the
malevolence of this perverse enemy?

Imams message in support of Palestine, 10 November 1972 (19 Aban
1351 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 1, p. 193.

The danger of Israel is one facing all Middle Eastern and
Islamic countries

The heads of the Islamic countries should be aware that this germ of
corruption which has been planted in the heart of the Islamic countries has not been put
there merely to suppress the Arab nation, rather it is dangerous and harmful to the Middle
East region as a whole. The plan is for the domination and supremacy of Zionism over the
Islamic world and the further colonisation of the rich lands and abundant resources of the
Islamic countries. Only through self-sacrifice, perseverance and the unity of the Muslim
governments can freedom from the evil of this black incubus of colonialism be found. If
one government fails to act as it should in this vital matter which now faces Islam, then
it is incumbent upon the other Muslim governments to persuade it to co-operate through
reproaches, threats and the severing of relations. It is the duty of the governments of
Islamic oil-producing countries to use their oil and the other means they have at their
disposal as weapons against Israel and the imperialists, and to refuse to sell their oil
to governments supporting Israel.

Imams message to the Muslim governments, 7 November 1973 (16 Aban 1352 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 1, p. 201.

The fate of Lebanon awaits other Islamic lands

It is obvious that the heads of the Muslim governments,
and in particular the Arab governments, should unite and try to get rid of Israel, this
corrupt entity, for if they procrastinate, then it is feared that, God forbid, this affair
will be repeated in other similar countries. I ask God the Exalted to sever the hands of
the foreigners and their supporters (from the Islamic lands) and I pray for the
independence of the Muslim governments. May Gods blessings and peace be upon those who
follow the guidance.

Imams message in support of the Palestinians and the people of southern Lebanon, 22 March 1979 (12 Rabia II 1398 AS / 2 Farvardin 1357 AHS).

Israel is not content merely with the Golan Heights

With your union you should pluck this germ of corruption out from
amongst you. If you do not, then this cancerous growth will spread to other places. For it
will not be content merely with the Golan Heights, for they (the Zionists) are of the
opinion that the Jews are superior to all other races and the land from the Euphrates to
the Nile belongs to Israel and should be returned to it. Yet you are sat arguing over an
unimportant, a very insignificant matter, and you are focusing all your energy on Iran,
lest Iran should at some time say something. All the organs in Iran are shouting out: we
have no designs on other governments or other nations save to unite with them and drive
the corruption out of the region. Yet still you bear animosity towards Iran. Why should
this be so? The nations leaders, the nations intellectuals, the regions ulama
and the ulama of countries everywhere should think seriously about just who the
enemy is and who the friend. They must throw the enemy out and offer the hand of unity to
the friend. This problem must be solved with the help of all the Muslims, and as long as
unity fails to exist amongst all Muslims, this problem will remain.

Imams speech dated 24 January 1982 (4 Bahman 1360 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 16, p. 21.

Israel will not be content with its present boundaries

Time and again attention has been called to this point that Israel will
not be content with its present position, it will go forward a step at a time and with
each step it takes it will say: کwe dont have any further designs, this is an end to
it now. Tomorrow it will go one stage further. Today it is Lebanon, tomorrow, God
forbid, it will be Syria, the day after Iraq and so on.

Unfortunately these governments, instead of rising up against these
people, these inhuman people, instead of opposing them, instead of uniting to stop them,
dont even repudiate them. At present, they (the governments of the Islamic world) are
rushing to strengthen Israels position, and this has brought shame on everyone in the
Islamic countries, on the leaders directly, and, indirectly, even on the people of those
countries, for they have chosen leaders to represent them who do just whatever they like
and pave the way for whatever humiliation they want for Islam and the Muslims, while they
do nothing to stop them. To whom should we turn with these problems?

The Muslims, especially the oppressed of the region, should know that
by replacing one pawn for another - which is perhaps meant to deceive the Palestinian and
Lebanese fighters - Israel will never be dissuaded from its malicious aim which is
sovereignty over the countries of the Muslims from the Nile to the Euphrates, and that
America, which is baring its talons and showing its teeth in the region, will completely
support a pawn such as Israel, the executer of all its crimes in the region. One should
not lose sight of their political games. Those who back Israel should know that by doing
so they are strengthening a biting, venomous serpent which if given half the chance will,
God forbid, destroy the progeny of the region. They should not give this dangerous
creature such an opportunity.

Imams message for the pilgrims to the sacred House of God, dated 3 September 1983 (12 Shahrivar 1362 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 18, p. 93.

Greater Israel

This is the second pawn now to have been brought
into play. Yitzak Shamir, who is now set to be the prime minister, has announced his plan
from the start saying that Greater Israel should become a reality, Palestine should be
completely destroyed and all the places in Israels hands are an integral part of
Israel. Greater Israel means an Israel stretching from the Nile to the Euphrates or in
other words encompassing all the regions inhabited by Arabs, which besides Egypt surely
includes the Hijaz too. Yet they (the Arab governments) sit by looking on, while a large
number of them even co-operate and want to officially recognise Israel and so on. These
are disasters which have come to pass in our century, but unfortunately the Muslims, or
rather the Muslim governments, are indifferent and do not allow their own countries, the
ordinary people (in these countries), to speak about this matter. Truly this world exists
in a suppressive environment, a suppression created by these two superpowers.

Imams message dated 6 September 1983 (15 Shahrivar 1362 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 18, p. 101.

Israel will not be content with these agreements

On 5 June 1983 (15 Khurdad 1362 AHS), when, praise and thanks be to God
the Exalted, the power of Islam and the government of the Islamic republic is the talk of
the region, I warn the governments of the Islamic countries to desist from making past
mistakes and call on them to offer one another the hand of brotherhood, and by humbling
themselves before God and relying on the power of Islam, to sever the oppressive hands of
the world-devouring tyrants and plunderers, in particular America, from the region, to
condemn this American/Zionist/Lebanese accord which strengthens American dominance in the
region and will allow Israel to conquer the Islamic country of Lebanon and subsequently
the other Arab and Islamic countries, and to nullify it through action. They should know
that Israel, as I have said again and again and as you have heard time and again, will not
be satisfied with these agreements. It sees the Arab governments from the Nile to the
Euphrates as usurpers, and sooner or later with the help of America it will put its
malicious plan into action if, God forbid, it should find the opportunity and if the Arab
governments do not awaken from their deep slumber. Is it not a source of shame for the
Muslims and the governments of the Islamic countries that America, from the other side of
the world, can govern their destinies and through the usurping infidel, Israel, can
ensnare and ruin them all.

Imams message on the anniversary of the 15 Khurdad uprising dated 5 June 1983 (15 Khurdad 1362 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 18, p.12.

From the Nile to the Euphrates

What could be better than for all
the governments of the region to muster all the power at their disposal to wipe Israel off
the map? This maleficent Israel which has put the innocent Palestinians in the state they
are now in, which has committed all these outrages against brave Lebanon, has encroached
upon the countries of the region and has transgressed their borders. What could be better
than for regional governments to take hold of one anothers hands and free the region
from the iniquity of Israel and its supporter America? As I have reminded you time and
again, Israel considers the area from the Nile to the Euphrates to be its own and it sees
you as usurpers of its lands - although at present it does not have the nerve to
explicitly state this - in the same way as Saddam, the brother of Israel, also strives to
dominate the region; and if supposing he achieves this - which will never happen - he will
deprive everyone of peace.

Imams message on the occasion of the great religio-politico gathering of hajj and the auspicious feast of Id al-Qurban, dated 29 August 1984 (7 Shahrivar 1363 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 19, p. 48.

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