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Palestine from the viewpoint of Imam Khomeini [Electronic resources] - نسخه متنی

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America is Israel's main supporter

It is America who supports Israel and its sympathisers. It is America who
gives Israel its strength to make the Muslim Arabs homeless.

Imam's speech on the occasion of the
ratification of the Capitulation Bill, 26 October 1964 (4 Aban 1343 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 1, p. 111.

Israel is supported by all the imperialists

Israel was born out of the collusion and agreement of the imperialist
states of East and West. It was created in order to suppress and exploit the Muslim
people, and it is being supported today by all the imperialists. Britain and the US, by
strengthening Israel militarily and politically and supplying it with lethal weapons, are
encouraging Israel to undertake repeated aggression against the Arabs and the Muslims and
to continue the occupation of Palestine and other Islamic lands. The Soviet Union, by
preventing the Muslims from arming themselves adequately, by its deceit, treachery and
conciliatory policy, is guaranteeing the existence of Israel.

Imam's reply to a letter from Muslim students in America and Canada, 13 July 1972 (22 Tir 1351 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 1, p. 186.

America's support for the Shah and Israel

By supporting these elements (the Pahlavis) the American government is, in
the eyes of the Muslims, the head of all the oppressors and criminals in history. In order
to make free use of the Muslims' vast resources, the American government has placed
millions of honourable people in the clutches of their crude agents who lack the qualities
of human beings . . . Turning a blind eye to the rights of hundreds of millions of
Muslims; establishing a handful of rogues as rulers of their destinies; allowing the
illegal regime in Iran and Israel's unworthy government to rob the Muslims of their rights
and deprive them of their freedom; and behaviour reminiscent of the Middle Ages, are just
some of the crimes which will go down in the records of the heads of the republic of
America. The present leader, who has given so many pledges, must avoid committing the
criminal deeds of the previous governments.

Imam's letter to the Islamic Students Union in America and Canada, October 1977 (Mehr 1356 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 1, p. 243.

America's plot against Iran because of the termination of oil supplies
to Israel

It was reported in the newspaper that the American Senate has, by a
unanimous vote, condemned the executions which have taken place in Iran. The person who
presented the motion is one of Israel's friends and is himself a Zionist.

It is wrong of us to expect them not to condemn these executions we have
carried out. We don't have such expectations of America, particularly since the Iranian
government has terminated supplies of oil to Israel and will no longer provide it with
oil. We expect nothing other than this for Israel is one of America's close friends.

Imam's speech dated 22 April 1979 (2 Urdibihisht 1358 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 6, p. 55.

America strengthens Zionism

At present, all our problems stem from America, all the problems of the
Muslims stem from America. It is America who has strengthened Zionism to such a degree and
continues to do so and who kills our brothers group by group.

Imam's speech 29 October 1979 (7 Aban 1358 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 10, p. 76.

The collusion between America and Israel

I have repeatedly warned of Israel's designs, for it will not be satisfied
with the lands it has already seized, and now as you see it has taken Quds as its capital.
Everything one hears from America, from these human rights supporters and these circles
and committees abroad is like unrhythmical poetry; thus, you see that they reject Israel,
but Israel pays no attention, they warn Israel, but Israel turns around and condemns them.
This is because the matter is not being taken seriously. America is not seriously opposed
to Quds being established as the Israeli capital, consequently Israel can do such a thing.
This is simply one of their tactics. The human rights committees and the other committees
in these countries which are concerned with the same affairs are all hand in glove with
one another in plundering us Muslims and the people in Asia and Africa. And unfortunately
the Muslims will not be warned.

Imam's speech dated 6 August 1980 (15 Murdad 1359 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 12, p. 271.

Israel will not perpetrate crimes without America's permission

>Do not think that this is just about the Golan Heights, there is more to
it than this. No one should suppose that these organs which have been established, such as
the international organisations, the human rights organisations and the such like, will do
something that is to the advantage of the people. And never presume that the opposition of
these organisations will go anywhere towards stopping the crimes of Israel and others like
her. America has stated its opposition to this annexation, but who in their right mind
could believe that Israel would carry out such actions without the prior permission of
America and without first coming to an understanding with her over this?

Imam's speech dated 16 December 1981 (25 Azar 1360 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 15, p. 263.

This is a blow which the Muslims were dealt by America

It is regrettable that Islam and those who profess to be followers of
Islam are in the state they are in. Islam is very strict when it comes to violators and
aggressors, yet these people who say they are the followers of Islam are encouraging such
people. America is the leader of all the criminals, and these recent crimes perpetrated in
Beirut were done openly by these criminal Zionists, but with the hidden hands of America.
America was the main perpetrator. They (the Zionists) themselves have admitted that it was
an American plan. If America had not been involved, if it had strongly deterred Israel
from doing this, it would have listened. This is a blow which the Muslims were dealt by
America, and still these gentlemen claim to adhere to Islam, claim to be on the side of
the Muslims as they hand everything they have over to America and apologise to them. Is
this not regrettable for our nation, for Islam, for everyone?! Do these nations not see
what they are doing? Such things they (the Zionists) did to Beirut, to women, children and
the poor, helpless people. They perpetrated every conceivable act, totally disrupted the
situation there while everyone just sat and watched. A few did express support, but if
anyone said a word it was just that, a word and nothing more, then they left and all the
crimes took place.

Imam's speech dated 6 September 1983 (15 Shahrivar 1362 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 18, p. 98.

The presence of the American military is for supporting Israel

Just look at what is happening in Lebanon today. What a bloodbath is
taking place in Lebanon as you and I sit here. What a situation this usurping and unjust
government in Lebanon, this traitor Amin, has brought about for the Lebanese people. Such
things Israel did there, now, instead, he and his government are doing them. Yet we have
not heard a word from America, on the contrary it sent its troops there to help in these
crimes. They say they are there for a purpose, but perhaps they set the stage themselves,
perhaps they throw a couple of fire crackers some place injuring one or two people, and
even if they don't do it themselves still they storm every house, carry out a house to
house search, and arrest, imprison and kill the youths. Such tragedies are taking place in
the world and America is sitting by and actually encouraging these. What is more
regrettable is that the Muslims too are just sitting by and watching.

Imam's speech dated 6 September 1983 (15 Shahrivar 1362 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 18, p. 98.

The collaboration of the superpowers in the confrontation with Palestine

Today, all of the powers and superpowers have joined hands to stop the
Palestinian Muslims from reaching their goal. Even many of those who claim to be devoted
to the Palestinians, their devotion does not extend to seeing the Palestinian Muslims gain
victory over Israel and unfortunately, by keeping silent, compromising and looking on,
they have joined hands to stop the Palestinian Muslims from gaining victory. For their
victory would be Islam's victory, and these powers are afraid that just as Islam was
victorious in Iran and upset their apple cart there destroying their interests, so too if
Islam were to be victorious in Lebanon and Palestine all their plans would be foiled there
as well. Therefore, all the satans have come together to stop the growth of Islam.

Imam's speech at a meeting with members of the Central Council of the Lebanese Hizbollah, 28 February 1988 (9 Isfand 1366 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 20, p. 183.

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