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Palestine from the viewpoint of Imam Khomeini [Electronic resources] - نسخه متنی

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OF THE ISLAMIC REVOLUTION (before 1979 [1357 AHS])

The Bahais: agents of Israel

The gentlemen should realise that many sensitive posts are in the hands
of this sect (the Bahai sect) who are in fact agents of Israel. The danger Islam and Iran
faces from Israel is very close; a pact with Israel in opposition to the Muslim
governments has either been made or is in the process of being made. It is necessary that
the learned ulama and respected preachers make the other classes aware of this so
that we can prevent it in time. Today is not the day to adopt the method of our pious
forefathers; we shall lose everything by keeping silent and not getting involved.

Imams reply to the ulama of Yazd, dated
April/May 1963 (Urdibihisht 1342 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 1, p. 44.

Declaration of disgust with the Shahs agreement with Israel

I declare to the heads of the Muslim states, whether Arab or non-Arab:
the ulama of Islam, the religious leaders and pious people of Iran, together with
its noble army, are the brothers of the Muslim states and share their losses and their
gains. They abhor and are disgusted with the treaty with Israel, the enemy of Islam and
Iran. I say this quite clearly; if they wish, let the agents of Israel come put an end to
my life.

Imams message dated 2 May 1963 (12 Urdibihisht 1342
AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 1, p. 48.

A historic warning

Today the Muslims, and in particular the learned ulama, have a
great responsibility before God the Blessed and Exalted. By our silence, we expose future
generations until the end of time to the danger of deviation and unbelief, and we are
responsible. The danger we face from Israel and its heinous agents threatens Islam and
Iran with extinction. I do not value a few days of life in shame and disgrace, and I
expect the learned ulama and other classes of Muslims to come together and save
the Quran and Islam from the danger which faces them.

Imams reply to the ulama of Hamadan dated 6 May
1963 (16 Urdibihisht 1342 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 1, p. 50.

Palestine is usurped and you fight over rivers

I ask the Muslim governments, why do you fight over rivers? The
land of Palestine has been usurped. O you hopeless ones, you should be throwing the Jews
out of Palestine, instead you are fighting each other! Palestine has been usurped and you
are squabbling over a river! While you dispute over a river, the Israelis have established
a government in Palestine. They have driven those misfortunate Arabs out, and now a
million or more of them are sleeping in deserts, hungry and bereft. They have become
completely homeless and wretched.

Shouldn't the Muslim governments raise any objections?

Shouldn't they say something?

Should you enter into an alliance with a government which has thrown
one million Muslims out of their homeland and made them homeless?

If you have not formed an alliance with them, well announce that you
haven't in your newspapers, allow that which I am saying now to be published. If you
refuse to do so, then obviously you have aligned yourselves with them, you have aligned
yourselves with the Jews, with Israel!

You see what the agents of Israel do in this country.

Imams speech, dated 9 September 1964 (18 Shahrivar 1343
AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 1, p. 95.

Announcement of the repudiation of the compromise between the Shah and

I declare to all the Muslim governments and the Muslims of the world
wherever they are that the dear Shiite nation abhors Israel and its agents and detests
and is disgusted with those governments which co-operate with Israel. It is not the nation
of Iran which is presently making terms with the detested Israel, the nation of Iran is
not guilty of this great sin, it is these governments which are doing this and which are
in no way supported by the nation.

Imam Khomeinis warning to the nation about the danger
facing Islam, dated 7 April 1964 (18 Farvardin 1343 AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 1, p.

It is the duty of the Islamic leaders to put aside these petty

Today it is the duty of the heads of Islamic countries, the kings and
the presidents of Islamic countries to put aside these petty differences which
occasionally arise among them. There are no Arabs and non-Arabs, Turks and Persians, there
is only Islam and unity under Islam. They should adopt the same method of struggle that
the Prophet of Islam used in his struggle, they should follow the way of Islam. If they
guard their ideological unity, if they put aside these occasional petty differences, if
all the Muslims join together, then, according to estimations, there will be a community
of seven hundred million. But seven hundred million people divided are not as great as one
million united. Seven hundred million divided people are of no use, thousands of millions
of divided people cannot do anything either. However, if these seven hundred million, if
only four hundred million of them, two hundred million of them, were to unite together,
join hands in brotherhood together, protect each other's borders, protect their own
boundaries, if they were to unite in the Islamic community which is common to us all, in
the religion of monotheism which is common to us all, in the Islamic interests that we
share, then the Jews would no longer covet Palestine and India would no longer have
designs on Kashmir.
That is why they don't let you unite. The hands that want to take your
resources away from you, that want to take your wealth free of charge, that want to
plunder both your underground resources and those that lie above the ground, they won't
let Iraq and Iran, Iran and Egypt, Turkey and Iran unite together. They won't let them
join forces. It is the duty of the leaders to sit down together and reach a mutual
understanding. They should protect their own borders, each one should preserve their
boundaries and territorial integrity then join forces against that foreign enemy who
causes you so much harm. There is a group of thieving Jews in Palestine who have kept more
than a million Muslims dispersed for ten years, more than ten years, and have occupied
Islamic lands. All the Muslim leaders do is mourn over their plight. But if they unite,
how can this bunch of thieving Jews take Palestine from you and drive the Muslims out of
Palestine while you look on helplessly?

Imams remarks, dated 14 November 1965 (23 Aban 1344
AHS). Sahifa-yi Nur, Vol. 1, p. 120.

The boycott and repulsion of Israel

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

I have repeatedly invited the Muslim governments to unity and
brotherhood in order to confront the foreigners and their supporters who want to create
discord amongst the Muslims and the Muslim governments and keep our dear countries weak
and captives of imperialism and thus exploit their spiritual and material resources. I
have repeatedly cautioned the governments, and in particular the Iranian government,
against Israel and its dangerous agents. This source of corruption, which has been placed
in the heart of the Islamic countries with the support of the great powers and whose
corrupt roots threaten the Islamic countries every day, must be deracinated through the
efforts of the Islamic countries and the great nations of Islam. Israel has embarked on an
armed attack against the Islamic countries and it is incumbent upon the governments and
nations of Islam to eradicate it. Helping Israel, whether through the sale of arms and
explosives or through the sale of oil is forbidden and is contrary to Islam. Having
relations with Israel or its agents, whether they be commercial or political, is forbidden
and is contrary to Islam. Muslims should refrain from using Israeli goods. I ask God the
Exalted for the victory of Islam and the Muslims.

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