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Woman and Society [Electronic resources] - نسخه متنی

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Woman and

Presented by

Al-Balagh Foundation

the Name of Allah


Praise be to Allah, the Lord of
the worlds. Peace and blessings be on Muhammad, his holy family, and the
righteous among his companions.

Human society is always in need of
woman. For she constitutes half or more of its existence. Whoever considers
carefully human history will conclude that woman played an important role even
during the most backward historical periods, though this role was hidden in the
shade or disappeared from sight.

Modern civilizations have formally
underlined the role of the woman and her rights. However, since its coming,
Islam has summoned woman to practice her role in life and to shoulder her
responsibility in building human civilization.

Allah, the Exalted, said:

"So their Lord did
respond to them (saying) I will not suffer the work of any of you that works to be lost, be he male or
female, the one of you being from the other,...'" Holy
Qur'an (Aal-Imran, 3:195)

Indeed woman was neglected in
pre-Islamic era of ignorance Jahiliyah', and yielded to the manners of
dishonor and lowliness. However, in Islam, she has gained her personality and
become an example for all believers. Islamic history witnessed eminent women,
who played important roles. Among them were Khadija, the mother of believers,
and Fatima, the chief of women of the world (a.s.).

Ignorance happened in some Islamic
countries in the last centuries as it happened in other countries in the world.
Hence, woman in such countries fell short of practicing her leading role in
life. Thus, it is important for woman to understand the Islamic concepts
concerning her. Accordingly, she will be able to play her role in developing

Without doubt, this role is different
from that in material societies. For such societies have deprived woman of her
dignity and her character. They have used her for a trade and information
commodity. Moreover, capitalists and the ambitious ones have used her as a toy
to play with. This method removes woman from her womanhood, her motherhood, her
high position, and her gentle
sentiments. So, she will gain nothing except crime, isolation, despair,
violence, and the tragedies of the disorderly family.

Our dear readers, the study before
you, acquaints you the role of woman in an Islamic society.

Praise be to Allah, the Lord of
the worlds.


The Definition of Society

Society is a human organization
which is composed of individuals, and joined with each other through ideological
links and limited vital interest. This is the general definition of society. As
for the links and relationships in Islamic society, they are grounded in Islam.

Thus, we can define Islamic
society as follows: "It is a political group of people residing in a
certain area of the earth. It believes in Islam. Its relations and its life
regime are based on Islam." Therefore Islamic society is ideological. It
has its own qualities that distinguish it from other societies. It is
distinguished by its beliefs, its values, its ethics, its laws, its life
regulations, its behavior, and its customs.

The Holy Qur'an has summarized
these qualities as follows:

"(This is) Allah's coloring
and who is better than Allah in colouring; while Him (alone) do we worship."

Qur'an (Baqara 2:138)

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