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ali khamenei

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al-Udhma Khamenei's statment on the Palestinian uprising


In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful.

The criminal usurper Zionist regime has once again revealed its
ruthlessness and savagery by violating the sanctity and purity of
the immaculate Al-Aqsa Mosque, and by setting out to massacre the
Muslims. The regime has shed the blood of worshippers and shot and
martyred a child in the arms of his father, and, in doing so, it has
repeated the incidents that have characterized its behavior in the
last 50 years. It did all this in the vain hope that it may be able
to extinguish the flames of the ongoing liberating jihad and the
relentless justice-seeking struggles, so as to pave the way for an
abject compromise process and impose its will even further on those
inclined towards this compromise. However, as in the past, this time
too its heinous crimes will not produce any results and once again
its ominous plans and satanic illusions will be foiled.

In the wake of this inhuman display of mischievous hostility, a
strong wave of protests has engulfed the people of Palestine, and in
general all Muslims and strugglers of the world, and we are
witnessing demonstrations by students and people from all walks of
life in many Islamic countries. As a result, the intifidah has found
a new life, and every day more and more people choose to traverse
the path of Islamic jihad. Today, in their tumultuous rallies and
demonstrations, the alert and vigilant Muslims are chanting
justice-seeking slogans and calling on the officials of the Islamic
states to pave the way for jihad and allow the Muslims to fulfill
this religious obligation, which is now the only way forward to
force the occupiers out of the territories they have usurped, and to
allow the Palestinians to return to their lands and homes.

Today, the wave of condemnation of the usurper rulers of these
lands has spread everywhere. At the same time, the option of
compromise is becoming more and more discredited as people
progressively realize its utter futility.

Today, we witness the enhancement of the material, political and
moral support for intifidah and indeed all jihadi movements. Today,
the cries of the false champions of human rights are falling on deaf
ears, as the supporters of Israel are becoming more and more
disgraced and discredited, as their deceitful nature becomes clear
to everyone. This has now gone so far that many of these supporters
can no longer stay silent and not condemn Israel's actions.

Although this ugly tragedy came about with the aim of imposing
the illegitimate wishes and aspirations of the Zionist ruler on the
parties to the compromise process, the brave people of Palestine
will doubtless continue to abhor this process and will make any
progress in this area very difficult. In this way, the Palestinians
will prevent the abject outcome that is bound to be produced by the
compromise process. Praise be to divine assistance, one day these
struggles will bear fruit, the occupied lands will be liberated and
the plundered assets will be returned to their rightful owners.

The recent course of events is the continuation of the legitimate
struggles of the Palestinians; a struggle which benefits from the
enthusiasm of a young generation which has been educated in the
school of revolution and jihad. This shows that the present
generation has chosen the correct path to achieve victory; a path
which it intends to traverse decisively and resolutely.

I would like to salute the entire Palestinian nation -
particularly the strugglers and followers of the school of
intifadah. I would like to say to you that your movement will
receive more and more support from the Muslims and revolutionaries
as time goes by. You will eventually overcome the occupiers. God

The Islamic Republic of Iran will proudly continue to lend you
its support to this divine movement and will continue to offer the
prayers of its most pious offspring for your success. "If you devote
yourselves to God, He will help you and will consolidate you in your
path" [Holy Quran].

[Signed] Sayyed Ali Hussaini Khamenei, 6th
Rajab 1421; [4 October 2000]

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