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Weekly Supplications [Electronic resources] - نسخه متنی

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SUNDAY DU'A (prayer)

With the name of Allah, besides whose mercy, I hope for nothing; I fear nothing save His justice, and trust nothing but His word, and do not cling but to His string.

To Thee do I beg for shelter, O Lord of forgiveness and approbation, from tyranny and oppression, from the changes of time and succession of grief, and from a life ended without preparation.

And to Thee do I beg for guidance in which there be reformation and improvement.

And to Thee alone do I pray for help in granting me success and satisfaction.

And Thee do I request for the garment of safety and the granting of peace and its permanence.

And I seek Thy protection O Lord, from the suggestions of Satan, and with Thy power guard myself from the tyranny of kings.

Therefore accept whatever be of my prayers and fasts and let my morrow and thereafter be better than my present hour and day; and make me respected amongst my kindred and community; and guard me in my waking and my sleep; for Thou art God the best Preserver, and Thou art the most Merciful.

O Lord, in this my day and on Sundays to follow, I clear myself in Thy presence of ascribing partners to Thee and of infidelity, and pray unto Thee sincerely to obtain Thy answer and render obedience to Thee hoping for Thy reward.

Therefore, bless Muhammad, the best of Thy servants, the preacher of Thy truth; and honor me with Thy dignity which cannot be diminished, and watch me with Thy eye which does not sleep; and finish my affair so as to make me independent of others and rely on Thee alone, and terminate my life in forgiveness. Verily, Thou art the Forgiving, Merciful.

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