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Poems In General [Electronic resources] - نسخه متنی

Ahmed Al-hashimi

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Allah's Will

I have only dreams to fulfill

My heart's thump is never still

Oh Allah I only want to please your will

You told us to pray and not kill

You gave us food and drink, and not to take satans pill

For your message, islam, it is our blood we spill

Qurans words warm, satans corruption chill

The Morning Prayer isn't just a drill

it is to pray to our creator for the light that the sun distil

Money to the needy, disabled you'll be rewarded a golden hill

Money wasted on alcohol, drugs, only makes your mind ill

And this money only goes to profit satans till

Will you just listen to Allah's words written by his quill

Or listen to the loud mumbling of the music drill

For those who speak against Islam, I fight and standstill

You will drink in Allahs heaven the water from the rill

And hear the music of the heavenly birds that trill

And deserving to those who go to hellfire and grill

O' I have only dreams to fulfill

And only to please Allahs will.

By Ahmed Al-hashimi

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