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Muhammad Iqbal

| نمايش فراداده ، افزودن یک نقد و بررسی
افزودن به کتابخانه شخصی
ارسال به دوستان
جستجو در متن کتاب
تنظیمات قلم


اندازه قلم

+ - پیش فرض

حالت نمایش

روز نیمروز شب
جستجو در لغت نامه
لیست موضوعات
افزودن یادداشت جدید


Ahriman Tempts Zoroaster


Because of you my
creatures complain like a reed-pipe,
because of you our
April has become like December;
you have made me
humbled and dishonoured in the world,
you have stained your
image with my blood.
Truth lives through the
epiphany of your Sinai,
death for me dwells
within your White Hand.
It is folly to rely on
a covenant with God,
to travel the road to
His desire is to lose the way;
poisons lurk within His
rose-tinted wine.
saw, worm and
cross-these are His gifts.
Noah had no other
resource but prayer,
but the words of that
hapless man were of no avail.
So abandon the city and
hide yourself in a cave,
choose the company of
the cavalcade of the creatures of light;
with one glance make
the dust a philosopher’s stone,
set fire to the heavens
with a single prayer;
become a wanderer in
the mountains like Moses,
be half-consumed in the
fire of vision;
but you must certainly
give up prophecy,
you must give up all
such mullah-mongery.
By associating with
nobodies, a somebody becomes a nobody,
though his nature be a
flame, be becomes a chip of wood.
So long as prophethood
is inferior to sainthood
prophecy is a veritable
vexation to love.
Now rise, and nestle in
the nest of Unity,
abandon manifestation
and sit in retirement!


Light is the ocean,
darkness is but its shore;
no torrent like me was
ever born in its heart.
My breast is swarming
with restless waves;
what should the torrent
do but devastate the shore?
The colourless picture,
which no man has ever seen,
cannot be painted save
with the blood of Ahriman.
Self-display-that is
the very secret of life,
life is to test out
one’s own striking-power.
The Self becomes more
mature through suffering
until the Self rends
the veils that cover God.
The God-seeing man sees
himself only through God;
crying ‘One
God’, he quivers in his own blood.
To quiver in blood is a
great honour for love,
saw, stave and
halter-these are love’s festival.
Upon the road of love,
whatever betides is good;
then welcome to the
unloving kindnesses of the Beloved!
Not my eye only desired
the manifestation of God;
it is a sin to behold
beauty without a company.
What is solitude? Pain,
burning and yearning;
company is vision,
solitude is a search.
Love in solitude is
colloquy with God;
when love marches forth
in display, that is to be a king!
Solitude and
manifestation are the perfection of ardour,
both alike are states
and stations of indigence.
What is the former? To
desert cloister and church;
what is the latter? Not
to walk alone in Paradise!
Though God dwells in
solitude and manifestation,
solitude is the
beginning, manifestation the end.
You have said that
prophecy is a vexation:
when love becomes
perfect, it fashions men.
It is delightful to go
on God’s road by caravan,
it is delightful to go
in the world free as the soul.

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