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Muhammad Iqbal

| نمايش فراداده ، افزودن یک نقد و بررسی
افزودن به کتابخانه شخصی
ارسال به دوستان
جستجو در متن کتاب
تنظیمات قلم


اندازه قلم

+ - پیش فرض

حالت نمایش

روز نیمروز شب
جستجو در لغت نامه
لیست موضوعات
افزودن یادداشت جدید


Marghadin and those
lofty edifices—
what can I say of that
noble city?
Its inhabitants sweet
of speech as honey,
comely their faces,
gentle their manners, simple their apparel,
their thoughts innocent
of the burning fever of gain,
they were intimate with
the secrets of the sun’s alchemy;
who so of them desires
silver or gold gathers it from light,
even as we gather salt
from the briny sea.
The aim of science and
art there is service,
no one weighs work done
against gold;
no one is even
acquainted with dinars and dirhams,
these idols may not
enter the sanctuary.
The demon of the
machine has no power over nature,
the skies are not
blackened by smoke;
the lamp of the
hard-toiling farmer is always bright,
he is secure from the
plundering of the landlords,
his tillage is not a
struggle for water,
his harvest is his own,
no other shares in it.
In that world there are
no armies, no squadrons,
none gains his
livelihood by killing and murder;
In Marghadin no pen
wins lustre
from inscribing and
disseminating lies;
in the market-places
there is no clamour of the workless,
no whining of beggars
afflicts the car.

The Martian

No one here is a
mendicant or destitute,
slave and master, ruler
and ruled, here are none.


Mendicant and destitute
are so by God’s decree,
by God’s decree
ruler and ruled;
none but God is the
creator of destiny
and against destiny
human design is powerless.

The Martian

If your heart bleeds on
account of one destiny,
petition God to decree
another destiny;
if you pray for a new
destiny, that is lawful,
seeing that God’s
destinies are infinite.
Earthlings have gambled
away the coin of selfhood,
not comprehending the
subtle meaning of destiny;
its subtlety is
contained in a single phrase—
‘If you transform
yourself, it too will be transformed.’
Be dust, and fate will
give you the winds;
be a stone, and it will
hurl you against glass.
Are you a dew-drop?
Your destiny is to perish;
are you an ocean? Your
destiny is to endure.
Every moment you are
fashioning new Lats and Manats;
inconstant one, do you
look for constancy from idols?
So long as your faith
is to accord not with your self
the world of your
thoughts is your prison;
toil without
treasure-such is destiny;
treasure without
toil-such is destiny!
If this is the
foundation of faith, ignorant fellow,
then the needy will
become still more in need.
Woe to that religion
which lulls you to sleep
and still holds you in
sleep profound!
Is this religion, or
magic and enchantment?
Is this religion, or a
grain of opium?
Do you know whence
comes the penetrating nature,
whence came this houri
into your tenement of clay?
Do you know whence
comes the sages’ power of thought,
whence the potency of
prayer in God’s interlocutors?
Do you know whence came
this heart, and its visitations,
whence these arts,
these miracles?
Do you have fire of
speech? That comes not from you;
do you have flame of
action? That comes not from you.
All this is an overflow
of the springtime of nature,
nature which derives
from nature’s Creator.
What is life? A mine of
you are the trustee,
its owner is Another.
A radiant nature
glorifies the man of God,
to serve all God’s
creatures, that is his aim—
Service belongs to the
wont and way of prophethood;
to seek a reward for
service is mere commerce.
Even so this wind,
earth, cloud, field,
orchard, meadow,
palace, street, stones, bricks—
you who say, ‘Our
property is of ourselves’,
ignorant one, all this
belongs to God.
If you regard
God’s earth as your own,
then what means the
verse, Work not corruption?
Adam’s sons have
given their hearts to Iblis,
and from Iblis I have
seen only corruption.
None should convert a
trust to his own use;
blessed is he who
renders God’s property up to God.
You have carried off
what does not belong to you;
my soul sorrows for so
unworthy a deed.
If you own a thing,
that is meet and right,
but if you do not, say
yourself, how is that proper?
Return to God the
property of God
so that you may loose
the knot of your involvement;
for why is there
poverty and want under heaven’s arch?
Because you say what is
the Lord’s belongs to you.
The man who has not
leaped forth from water and clay
has shattered his own
glass with his own stone.
You who cannot tell
goal from path,
the value of every
thing is measured by the regard.
So long as the pearl is
your property, it is a pearl,
otherwise it is a
pebble, worth less than a farthing.
View the world
otherwise, and it will become other,
this earth and heaven
will be transformed.

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