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JAVID NAMA [Electronic resources] - نسخه متنی

Muhammad Iqbal

| نمايش فراداده ، افزودن یک نقد و بررسی
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جستجو در متن کتاب
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جستجو در لغت نامه
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افزودن یادداشت جدید

Halim Pasha"


For Westerners
intelligence is the stuff of life,
for Easterners love is
the mystery of all being.
Only through love
intelligence gets to know God,
love’s labours
find firm grounding in intelligence;
when love is
companioned by intelligence
it has the power to
design another world.
Then rise and draw the
design of a new world,
mingle together love
with intelligence.
The flame of the
Europeans is damped down,
their eyes are
perceptive, but their hearts are dead;
they have been sore
smitten by their own swords,
hunted down and
slaughtered, themselves the hunters.
Look not for fire and
intoxication in their vine;
not into their heavens
shall rise a new age.
It is from your fire
that the glow of life comes,
and it is your task to
create the new world.
Mustafa Kemal, who sang
of a great renewal,
said the old image must
be cleansed and polished;
yet the vitality of the
Kaaba cannot be made new
if a new Lat and Manat
from Europe enter its shrine.
No, the Turks have no
new melody in their lute,
what they call new is
only the old tune of Europe;
no fresh breath has
entered into their breast,
no design of a new
world is in their mind.
Turkey perforce goes
along with the existing world,
melted like wax in the
flame of the world we know.
Originality is at the
roots of all creation,
never by imitation
shall life be reformed;
The living heart,
creator of ages and epochs,
that soul is little
enamoured of imitation:
if you possess the
spirit of a true Mussulman
examine your own
conscience, and the Koran—
a hundred new worlds he
within its verses,
whole centuries are
involved in its moments;
one world of it
suffices for the present age—
seize it, if the heart
in your breast grasps truth..
A believing servant
himself is a sign of God,
every world to his
breast is as a garment;
and when one world
grows old upon his bosom,
The Koran gives him
another world!


The barque of us
terrestrials has no helmsman,
no one knows where the
Koran’s world lies.


It is a world lost now
in our breast,
a world awaiting yet
the command ‘Arise!’
A world without
distinction of race and colour,
its evening is brighter
than Europe’s dawn;
a world cleansed of
monarchs and of slaves,
a world unbounded, like
the believer’s heart,
a world so fair, that
the effluence of one glance
planted the seed of it
in Omar’s soul.
Eternal it is, the
impact of it ever new,
ever new the leaf and
fruit of its sure foundations;
inwardly it is anxious
not of change,
outwardly, every moment
is revolution.
Behold, that world lies
within your own heart;
now I will tell you of
its firm foundations.

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