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Access Cookbook, 2nd Edition [Electronic resources] - نسخه متنی

Ken Getz; Paul Litwin; Andy Baron

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Chapter 15. Office Web and SharePoint

Data Access Pages represent just one of several options for creating
web pages connected to Access databases. You can also use FrontPage
2003, with or without Windows SharePoint Services, to create
Access-connected web pages.

Windows SharePoint Services, a server component
that is part of Windows 2003 Server, is a great system for easily
creating collaborative, team-based web sites consisting of various
lists and documents. Access 2003 can work with SharePoint in two
ways. First, you can use Access as a frontend to your SharePoint list
and documents. That is, you can create a SharePoint management
interface using Access forms and reports to help manage your
SharePoint sites. In addition, you can use SharePoint to create
data-driven web sites that draw their data from Access databases and
display the data using the Data View Web Part.

FrontPage 2002 and 2003 also allow you to
connect web sites to Access databases without using Windows
SharePoint Services. You can use FrontPage to create an HTML form
that sends its results to an Access database. You can also use the
FrontPage Database Interface Wizard to quickly create a frontend to
an Access table.

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